Secure-by-default programming language that compiles to Solidity.

100% Solidity Compatible. Protects against known issues by default. Performance Optimizations on Loom Network

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Secure-by-default. A typed-superset of Solidity, that compiles down with all the latest security workarounds.

With billions currently riding on Solidity-based contracts, there is no doubt that it is the de-facto smart-contract programming language. With each vulnerability found, and hacks debugged, Solidity becomes more secure and its quirks better known.

SolidityX compiles to Solidity but with all the best practices and workarounds. Better the bugs you know than the bugs you don’t.
1 pragma solidityx ^0.4.19
3  contract SimpleStore {
4    data amount: uint;
5    public interface set, get
6    function set(input : uint) {
7      amount.set(input);
8    }
10   function get(): uint constant
11      return amount.get()
12   }
13  }

Intelligent defaults and formatting that is optimized for code audits and debugging. For example...

public interface set, get
function helloWorld(): string

All functions private by default, public interface declared at top of the file

No way to expose a function by mistake, all functions are private only. The only way to expose a function would be to add it to the public interface at the beginning of a contract. This makes it easy to audit, and easy to code.

contract SayYourName {
once SetupName(name: string)

Special one-time only functions to prevent calling initializers multiple times.

With SolidityX, the Parity Multisig hack would've never happened. once functions compiles into secure Solidity code that can only be executed one time.

data counter: uint;
data const message: string;

Data is typed and always private. Only accessible via getters and setters.

Do not expose variables and constants by accident. SolidityX makes it always explicit and comes with built in setters and getters

SolidityX has application extensions such as:

SolidityX is going through rapid-development while we develope commercial-scale apps on top of Loom Network (application specific sidechains built for Ethereum) Sign up for news about when it will be public beta ready.

If you have language design experience, compiler experience, or have some background in javascript build tools such as BabelJS, Coffeescript, Purescript, etc., please reach out to us. We'd love to work with you on cutting edge tools that enrich the Ethereum community.